New Content - August 2011

As SIP evolves, so does the SSCA® SIP training program and including a brand new module - SIP and Fax over IP - here's a list of all the new stuff that will be uploaded from Aug the 1st to Aug 5th 2001.  By the 5th, all of the content will be available to you (as long as you have a valid course license).

If you are preparing to take your SSCA® test - 'DON'T PANIC' ....  All the new stuff will not be added to the test until 19th August so for example, SIP and Fax over IP questions you will not see until the 19th August 2011.


SIP Client Configuration
  • Configuration scenarios
  • Some basic elements
SIP-T and the PSTN
  • SIP-T and SIP-I 
  • RFC 4734
SIP Trunking
SIP Trunking benefits
  • Number Consolidation
  • Virtual Presences
SIP Trunk performance
  • ADSL Developments
  • Fibre Options
SIP Trunking and MPLS
  • MPLS, basic explanation
  • MPLS Label format
  • MPLS in a MAC frame
  • MPLS example network
  • MPLS benefits
Setting up a SIP Trunk – new ‘real world’ example
  • Add a VoIP Provider 
  • Provider SIP Servers 
  • Authentication 
  • Add a Dialling Rule 
  • Trunk setup complete 
  • Call out Trace 
  • Comparing SIP packets from two ITSP providers 
Choosing an ITSP
  • Understanding ITSP Offerings 
  • SIP trunking Checklist for ITSP evaluation
SIP, VoIP and QoS
Quality of Service
  • New QoS description
  • Updates to packet delay recommendations
Firewalls, NAT and SBCs
  • Near end  NAT described
  • Far end NAT described
ENUM, DNS and VoIP Peering
ENUM, DNS and VoIP Peering
  • New call flow examples
VoIP Peering
  • Stay ‘On-Net
  • From ITSP to PSTN and Back…!
  • Loss of features with the PSTN
  • Peering Profiles and Agreements
  • Bi-lateral Peering
  • Multi-lateral Peering
  • A few providers
  • ENUM in North America
  • A complete ‘infrastructure’
  • ENUMPlus for multiple ENUM trees
Wireshark testing
  • SIP Social directory
  • SIP test numbers
SIP and Fax over IP
Faxing Basics
Faxing background
T.30 Fax signaling
Associated tones and protocols
The ITU and TIA standards
Fax over IP
Fax over IP benefits
From the old to the new
Intro to FoIP
FoIP and SIP trunks
Protocol conversions
Fax Protocols
G.711 Pass-through
T.37 Store and Forward
T.38 Relay
Where does SIP fit in?
Protocol options for the future
FoIP in action
SIP in FoIP – Call Flow
INVITE for T.38
Wireshark FoIP example
SIP T.38 Call flows – IETF draft document
T.38 and G.711 network traffic
The basics
More complex issues to watch out for
Ongoing Efforts
SIP Forum and i3 Forum
Use DTMF events instead?