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About us

Vocale Ltd is the parent company of both The SIP School and the WebRTC School.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide first-class education on SIP, VoIP and WebRTC along with industry-recognized Certifications.  Our main objectives are to teach not only the theory and practice of these subjects but to help students gain a greater confidence so that as these protocols evolve students are not afraid to work with new functionality.

When it comes to other companies that manufacture SIP/VoIP/WebRTC enabled equipment and provide services utilizing these technologies, then Vocale Ltd stands firm in its ‘no favorite’ policy as all of these companies are favorites.  If you are working with SIP/VoIP/WebRTC then we are positive that by working with Vocale Ltd you can help your staff develop their knowledge to be better able to support your own clients with your own products and services.  In fact, a lot of companies use our training to complement their own ‘product-specific’ courses.

The Team @ Vocale Ltd.

Graham Francis

Graham has been working in IT and telecoms for 30 years and holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Computing.  Being a co-CEO of Vocale Ltd, Graham is chiefly responsible for the eLearning element of Vocale’s product offerings which includes both The SIP School and WebRTC School. 

Lynda Francis
Director of Operations

As co-CEO of Vocale Ltd, Lynda is responsible for Student management,  Product portfolio development and Corporate strategy.  She is currently working on company direction and new product development/rollout for 2017 to 2020.

Mike Robinson
Lead programming analyst

Mike's skills are in this little lot:
Programming: PHP, Python, Ruby, C, Javascript, HTML, CSS
Databases: MySQL, Postgres, Amazon RDS
Frameworks: CakePHP, Zend, jQuery, Bootstrap, LESS
Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
Hardware: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Custom Electronics
Which ensures that our (in-house developed) eLearning delivery and management systems as well as our websites, look good and run well.

Joel Maloff
Course Development

Joel has joined with Vocale Ltd to co-develop the "SIP Communications for Sales and Marketing Professionals" training program. More than thirty years in the Telecommunications industry along with extensive expertise in the field of Sales and Marketing has ensured that this training program is without peer. You can contact Joel via personal website here.

Gary Audin
Content Development and Delivery + Press and Marketing.

Gary has more than 40 years of computer, communications and security consulting and implementation experience. He has planned, designed, specified, implemented and operated VoIP, data, LAN, WAN, and telephone networks. Gary's many articles and blogs can be found on,, and


Fred Bovy
Content Development and Delivery

Fred has joined with Vocale to co-develop content on IPv6 which is critical to the future of communications as Billions of devices become connected.  Fred has been working on IPv6 since 1997 and as well as being part of the Cisco IPv6 dev-test team for 8 years he is now an independant contractor and subject matter expert for a number of large organisations.


Alan B. Johnston
Course Development

Dr. Alan B. Johnston has over thirteen years of experience in SIP, VoIP (Voice over IP), and Internet Communications, having been a co-author of the SIP specification and a dozen other IETF RFCs, including the ZRTP media security protocol co-authored with Phil Zimmermann ZRTP. He is the author of four best selling technical books on Internet Communications, SIP, and security, and a techno thriller novel 'Counting from Zero' that teaches the basics of Internet and computer security. He is on the board of directors of the SIP Forum. He holds Bachelors and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering. Alan is an active participant in the IETF RTCWEB working group.

Alan is responsible for the content of the WebRTC Integrator program on the WebRTC School website.


Daniel C. Burnett
Course Development

Dr. Daniel C. Burnett has more than a dozen years of experience in computer standards work, having been author and editor of the W3C standards underlying the majority of today's automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. He has twice received the prestigious "Speech Luminary" award from Speech Tech Magazine for his contributions to standards in the Automated Speech Recognition (Voice Recognition) field. As an editor of the PeerConnection and getUserMedia W3C WEBRTC specifications and a participant in the IETF, Dan has been involved from the beginning in this exciting new field. 

Dan is responsible for the content of the WebRTC Integrator program on the WebRTC School website. 

And let's not forget....

Security and Company Mascot

Elsa with her good nose for business is a keen member of the Vocale family and is always happy to ensure that any 'Hack attack' on our system is responded to quickly and appropriately.


Vocale Ltd is proud to be a sponsor of the UK German Shepherd Rescue organisation who do amazing work in providing dogs that need rescuing a chance of a new and happy life.  If you want to get involved or simply make a donation then please use this link to get in touch.