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SIP Training and SSCA Certification -

“TIA recognizes the SIP School's online program as an excellent, cost-effective and convenient source for both training and certification for IT professionals.” TIA President Grant Seiffert
“Learning at The SIP School gives people a tremendous skill set that undoubtedly helps them in deploying SIP services and products.” Ashish Jain, Genband
“The SSCA® is the single most important certification on SIP in the world today” Toshiba
“Mitel 'SIP Center of Excellence' is pleased to announce that it fully supports and endorses The SIP School and the SSCA” Anshu Prasad, Mitel
“Having just completed the SIP training, I must say that I am VERY HAPPY with the training that was provided by your school” Joe, Avaya
“You have raised the bar for training” Eugene, SAIT Polytechnic
“The SIP School is an excellent resource that I personally recommend.” Alan Percy, AudioCodes
“The information and knowledge gained in taking The SIP School's SSMP is by far the best I have seen” John Owen, AMR LLC
“Taking (the) SSCA certification, really opened my mind to the possibilities that are out there with SIP.” Rahul - Global Training, Genband
“There are many books and courses, but I found nothing comparable.” Daniel, Telekom & Netzwerk AG
“The depth and breadth of the course is fantastic, I now know what SIP is all about” Yazeed, iTALTEL ARABIA
“The sip school course I completed was the most indepth, complete coverage course that I have taken on a subject” Steve, MTS Allstream
“Classes (online) were awesome. They were easy to follow and full of great information” Kent, Hyde Telecom
“I think that anyone dealing with SIP, should have this [SSCA®] certification, as a way to prove they know what they’re talking about.” David, Brand Electric

If you want to learn SIP then visiting The SIP School, the global leader in Session Initiation Protocol education and certification, is the right choice. The SIP School is the only issuing authority for the SSCA® certification and is the location to get SIP training that teaches not only the main elements of RFC 3261 but essentially how SIP fits into real world scenarios.